Vermont Inspired LLC

Real Estate

We can provide high quality 4k photography edited and formated to your needs as you look to sell your one of a kind property.

Event Capturing

Events often have a feeling and nature that is hard to capture, but with our photography and cinematography we can capture moments that happen once in a lifetime.

Construction Photography

For documentation or for marketing we can provide weekly, monthly or annual update photography & videography of your project.

Inspection Photography

Whether you are an architect, roofer, engineer or just want a view of a hard to see place, we can provide high quality photos for you to safely and affordably review.

Personal Photography

We all have our special place where we love. Aerial photography is a great way to take these places to your home.

Action/Motor Sports

Sometimes our toys are our pride and joy; with Vermont Inspired you can get high quality video and enjoy your toys year round.